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3 steps to automate the most boring part of your sales job

When you are low on leads, you have to do the most boring bit of a sales job - prospecting. Many companies rely on regular prospecting to untap new business opportunities, and many times it does pay off. Nonetheless, the hit rate is usually low, and if it is up to the sales teams to do that work (i.e. if there is no specialization yet), it tends to be very cumbersome.

In an ideal world, you wouldn't have to be prospecting from time to time. You'd have tools to do it for you, on the background, all the time. You would always be prospecting, just without the manual work!

Let's start with the bad news - we're still far away from a perfect, one-size-fits-all solution, but we've got a few ideas that could get us a bit closer to that. 



1 - Use the leads that fell through on your sales funnel

If your team has a regular B2B sales funnel, you'll have an ever-growing list of contacts that didn't convert. This can be due to many factors - timing, price or product features for example. What if you could continuously keep an eye on that growing list, and be alerted when something relevant happened to them? Say, when one of them got investment?

This means that you have a great reason to call  them back (increasing your sales activity) and an increased chance to convert. 


2 -Using your current customer list, find similar companies

Your historical sales data can untap a lot of additional business, if you connect it to the external world. Using tools like VentureRadar or Mattermark, you can get related companies, create a new watchlist for those, and when something happens with them - reach out!


3 - Build custom watchlists on Attentive to detect market activity

We started the article with the ideal scenario, one where you would always be prospecting. With Attentive, you can create many watchlists, based on different market signals, to generate certain sales activity and potential business opportunities!


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We will have a few videos coming up in the next few weeks that will explain how to do this. In the meantime, feel free to subscribe to upcoming information and a chance to get in on our Private Beta:


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If you have any questions about how to do this for your own business, let me know at and I’m more than happy help you!



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