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6 SaaS podcasts I couldn't live without

Before we started this journey of having a blog, we did a lot of research to understand what's out there already, and we subscribed to blogs, podcasts or YouTube channels, followed a lot of accounts on social media. After a phase of obvious information overkill, we narrowed down on the ones that we get a lot of value from. Since I'm a huge fan of podcasts, here's a list of SaaS-related podcasts that I religiously follow.

Got other suggestions? I would love to hear them!




1. SaaS Revolution Show

Screenshot_from_2016-04-08_17-54-56.pngSaascribe has been a fantastic hub for all things SaaS, and they also have a podcast worth noting, the SaaS Revolution Show Also, small plus for being based in Europe). Have a look a their interview with Aaron Ross, where they discuss his new book with Jason Lemkin, From Impossible to Inevitable.


2. Startups for the Rest of Us

Screenshot_from_2016-04-08_17-08-15.pngI've subscribed to Startups for the Rest of us a long time ago, probably even before was even on our plans (they actually started the podcast in 2010, before podcasting was cool!). It's very tactical, always around 30min, and you always get something out of it. My favorite recent episode was when they discussed The long, slow, SaaS ramp of death.


3. SaaStr Podcast

 cover170x170.jpegHow weird would it be if a SaaS related list didn't include anything from SaaStr? Fortunately, they recently launched a podcast too, and it's pretty awesome. All 10 episodes launched so far are worth it, but I particularly enjoyed the one with Mathilde Collin, co-founder and CEO of as she tells her journey as a young enterprise founder and also touches on her experience on YC. 


4. Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast


Bowery Capital, a VC firm from New York and San Francisco, started recording podcasts for their startups, and fortunately decided to share their great content with all of us, starting in 2014. I usually don't see as as mentioned as the others, but it's definitely worth a listen. I would hightlight the episode Kaveh Rostampor, Executive Director of the Americas at Meltwater, where they discuss client churn, do check it out!


5. RAMP - InsightSquared Podcast

IScreenshot_from_2016-04-08_17-34-07.pngnsightSquared launched their own podcast roughly a year ago, where they feature an interview with a guest with a focus on SaaS metrics. For this one, why not start from the beginning, as it features the one and only Mark Roberge (from the Sales Acceleration Formula). He tells Hubspot's unique marketing approach that has had some mild, lukewarm success - 1.4B $ marketcap as of April 2016 - check it out in their Soundcloud page.


6. Above & Beyond 

 cover170x170_2.jpegSorry to dissapoint, it's not the English Progressive Trance group podcast, it's actually from Churn Buster! They always pick a very specific topic to feature, and even though they only have 5 episodes so far, I would definitely subscribe to keep up to date with what they'll cover in the future. As for episode highlight, I'd go with Wistia's story.



So there you have it - plenty of minutes of great SaaS content that we'll keep you busy. If you're like me, listening it at 1.5x makes a productivity boost. Do you know other shows that I might be missing? Let me know!



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