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Daniel Araújo

What can augmented sales do for your startup

By Daniel Araújo September 19, 2017

Sales teams only spend a third of their team actually selling. Imagine having three reps, and..

“You are building a community”: Attentive’s Techstars Experience

By Daniel Araújo May 1, 2017

So, this happened.

After three incredibly busy and productive months, we survived the demo day..

Attentive, a Techstars Company: month #2

By Daniel Araújo April 4, 2017

Month 2 of Techstars is over: everyone knows each other, you have improved your network..

Attentive, a Techstars company; month #1

By Daniel Araújo March 3, 2017

I usually take 1.5 years to go through a new A5 notepad. In a little over a month of Techstars..

Attentive is joining Techstars Boulder — the why and the how

By Daniel Araújo January 25, 2017

 We’re really proud to announce that Attentive has a new address: Boulder, Colorado! I wanted to..


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