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Calling all developers: Introducing the API

Our vision for the future of enterprise software is three-fold: integrations, integrations and integrations. By that we mean that as more software providers specialize in certain aspects of the companies’ needs, it makes all the sense that they talk to each other and share data between them.

For example, you want your Marketing data to be shared and fully integrated with the sales pipeline, which should be connected to the HR platform for compensation and employee recognition.

Building these integrations with every software available is impossible, but there is a way of developing a custom integration just for your needs - you have probably guessed this by now - an API. 



We are, therefore, really excited to share with your our API V2 - with it, you can search for company and people’s profiles, create list of entities to track and generate news alerts for these lists.

Here are some cool examples

There are many different uses for our content engine, but as a thought started here are a few cool things you can start with:


Automatically track news about your stakeholders

You can get content directly on your email about any companies that are important to you - it could be your suppliers, clients or even investors.

Generate a newsletter with highlights about your industry

If you have a newsletter about HR software, it’d be cool to pre-populate your template with articles about the most important companies in the sector. This way, you get a quick glimpse into what’s happening in your field and can automate 50% of the newsletter creation!

(Pro tip - you can do the same with your company’s twitter account)


Well, this one is more than an idea as we’ll be launching a slack integration real soon :)


As you can see on the diagram above, we can deliver thousands of sources of content into any platform you need - you just need to tell us which things to track and where to deliver it to!


Feel free to have a look at our API documentation to learn about other things you can do with our API, we’re excited to see what you can do with it, too.

Send us an email at and we’ll let you give it a go!



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