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Our slack bot is just reached more than 1,000 active users!

A month and a half ago, we launched a simple bot that we thought would be a nice way to explain the power of our API. Today, we reached a milestone that we’re proud of and that tells us that we will continue to invest in making Attentive’s Slack bot even more useful over the next few weeks!

On Product Hunt, users were very positive about its potential and we are also featured on Slack’s most popular bots.

But before we get into the upcoming features, let’s look into the numbers:

There are now 1,000 people actively using our bot, grouped into close to 100 teams. We’re sending many hundreds of customer and competitor alerts every single day.


To all the users are using the integration and specially those who have taken the time to give us feedback, we can’t thank you enough!

We are incredibly bullish on Slack’s potential as an enterprise platform. Expect many more features in the near future, namely:

  • Ability to tweak alert cadence

  • Instant feedback about the alert

  • Integrations with other enterprise software

  • Action buttons!



If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go:

Try out our Slack bot for free


We’d love to hear your feedback too!



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