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Attentive is joining Techstars Boulder — the why and the how

By Daniel Araújo January 25, 2017

 We’re really proud to announce that Attentive has a new address: Boulder, Colorado! I wanted to..

Screw sales tactics, let’s tell our story!

By Daniel Araújo October 31, 2016

 Before we started this blog we talked to friends, advisors and users to brainstorm about the..

Announcing our new Head of Growth

By Daniel Araújo September 20, 2016

I'm super proud to announce that we have a new Head of Growth: Francisco Lé is joining our team! Product sprint - 3 Lessons learned

By Daniel Araújo September 12, 2016

About a month ago, we were very excited with the development of a new interface for Attentive,..

SMBs rejoice: you now have access to the same tools as big corporates

By Daniel Araújo August 17, 2016

Not that long ago, proper business-grade applications to help us on the day-to-day of running..

3 steps to automate the most boring part of your sales job

By Daniel Araújo June 30, 2016

When you are low on leads, you have to do the most boring bit of a sales job - prospecting. Many..


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