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UK companies take note: How you can power your business relationships with real time information

By Daniel Araújo June 6, 2016

Many B2B companies collect an impressive number of potential leads over the years, and despite the..

On timing: startups’ biggest artform

By Daniel Araújo May 27, 2016

There is little debate about the fact that doing startups is hard. You need to understand how to..

Calling all developers: Introducing the API

By Daniel Araújo April 27, 2016

Our vision for the future of enterprise software is three-fold: integrations, integrations and..

The hidden skill  of modern sales teams

By Daniel Araújo April 18, 2016

A good friend of mine, a sales rep at a marketing software company, confessed that despite his..

6 SaaS podcasts I couldn't live without

By Daniel Araújo April 8, 2016

Before we started this journey of having a blog, we did a lot of research to understand what's..

Welcome to our new blog - Contextual Sales

By Daniel Araújo April 3, 2016

We started Attentive with a vision to create a tool that can help us navigate the infinite..


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