Screw sales tactics, let’s tell our story!

 Before we started this blog we talked to friends, advisors and users to brainstorm about the pros and cons about having our own content. Should we actually blog? Are we going to keep it up? Where will we host it? Out of all these important questions there was one which was deeper and more important than all the others - What will we write about?

 Step one - research

We’ve looked at dozens of blogs of other startups, specially the ones that we read systematically, and tried to come up with a specific positioning that would be unique to us. We called it Contextual Sales.

It made a lot of sense a couple of months ago. As we were trying to evangelize the new perspective that we had on sales teams - that they need a tool to automate their research - we wanted to find a term that would encapsulate that.

Today, we have data to look into.

20161017_185112-PANO.jpg A recent startup event that we attended. Try to top that!

What does the data tell you?   

Well, this is very clear - every time we talked about sales tactics, we had residual traction. When we talked about our story, we had more visits, comments, emails… and leads.


The time it took us to write the articles was easily 3 times less as well. Talk about ROI.


Since we’re still in the beginning of our journey, if there’s one thing we know very well is the steps and missteps along the way.


We’ll start telling you all about them here.


Welcome to our new blog :)  





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