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UK companies take note: How you can power your business relationships with real time information

Many B2B companies collect an impressive number of potential leads over the years, and despite the fact that they paid for some of them, they don’t leads to direct business. So sales teams focus on the ones that move forward, leaving a trail of missed opportunities (due to bad timing) behind.

Today, Attentive will help UK business get additional value from those ignored leads - by checking the ones where the company doesn’t exist anymore, seeing which are the most active, and keep on top what they are doing to lookout for signals that they might be ready to buy.

If you face this issue let us know - we’re going to open this private beta to a few handful of companies.



Here’s what Attentive can track automatically:


  1. Company status

  2. Addresses

  3. Nature of business

  4. Full transaction filing

  5. Any mention on the news

This information gets sent to you via email, directly into your CRM or even slack if you prefer. Since it’s all API based, you can deliver in any place you need.

Next time a lead says no, Attentive will keep an eye on it to see if:

a) you should delete that registry because the client doesn’t exist anymore or

b) There is a major business updated and the lead should be re-opened.

In both cases, you’re using valuable lead information that you’ve collected throughout the years, connect it to outside sources to learn when they might be a potential revenue generating lead again. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day?




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