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Welcome to our new blog - Contextual Sales

We started Attentive with a vision to create a tool that can help us navigate the infinite information around us. Our approach is simple: collect micro-signals about the users' daily work and use that to give them the right information at the right time. As we developed our concept, we started getting a lot of interest from sales teams specifically.

Modern sales teams need to know much more about their leads to decide how to navigate the sales process. But here lies the problem - as they have more leads, it's impossible to search and consume information about every prospect. What if you had a tool that allowed you to do this without any admin work?



Why Contextual Sales

Contextual Sales means that you know more about your leads' challenges and priorities. If you know that their company got investment or is hiring, that can massively affect your conversations and increase your chance of closing the sale. So which types of information are relevant for your team? Howard Brown from RingDNA summarized it really well back in 2013:


1 - Prioritization Data

One of the goals of the marketing automation era has been to deliver prioritization data within the context of a sales agent’s CRM. For example, a sales agent working within a CRM can access an automated list of priority contacts.

2 - Urgency Data

"Lead scores are great for prospecting, but sales teams have to be agile. The best companies handle urgency through alerts that are delivered within the context of CRM, email messages or their phone."

3 - Opportunity Data

"The newest form of contextual data is what I call opportunity data, because it is by far the most important factor in creating enhanced close rates. Opportunity data shows sales agents whatt prospects want (desire), and what to sell them (action)."


With Attentive, we aim to take these concepts and explore them further until we have a true information assistant that can give teams the right information, when they need it. Subscribe to our blog if you want to keep updated on our journey to get there :)



We will continue to explore these topics here on the blog, let us know if you have any suggestions for future posts or feedback.




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