Disclaimer: At the beginning of June, Attentive’s family has grown. Three women have joined the (until then) all-men-team and have already left their mark. Lara, Alexandra, and Ana give their perspective on this 3-month adventure!

Before we start, let us introduce ourselves.

Lara Carneiro, operations manager. With several years of experience in office management, Attentive seemed the right move to my career. To be a part of a startup right from its beginning is both a privilege and a challenge, building something from scratch.

Alexandra das Neves, designer. Despite my short work experience, I have a very strong idea of what I need to do to grow. Attentive gives me all the conditions to excel as a UX&UI Designer.

Ana Nelas, copywriter (and the one telling this story). After years in the corporate world, as a technical writer, I was desperate for a new and more creative challenge. Attentive welcomed me with so much enthusiasm, it wasn’t possible to have any doubt on if I had made the right choice!

First Impressions

Lara had a few days of a head start. That also means she had to face the crowd by herself! As an Operations Manager, and arriving right at the transition from a co-working space to a new office, she made an impact on our current office right from day one.

“For me, it was a major change. First, it was the shift from big companies to a startup. On top of that, coming to Braga every day (I was working in Porto before) meant new routines. It is a much more tranquil environment, that I enjoy.”

Everyone was eagerly waiting for Lara since she was bringing organization and administrative processes the team was struggling with. The reception was awesome. “They immediately started organizing small events to take me around Braga, so that I could get to know the city”.

A week later, Alexandra and Ana joined the team. “Even though we were clearly outnumbered gender-wise, everyone was so welcoming that I didn’t even care.” – says Alexandra. The entire team gathered to welcome both of us and it was an awesome first day.

All three of us came to be a part of the core team of Attentive. And even though the rest of the team were very close, it was easy for us to quickly start feeling part of the family.

Struggles and Achievements

Even though everyone welcomed us so nicely, there were struggles over these past three months. Entering a company, especially a startup, at this early stage also means everyone is trying to figure everything out. There was no one before us, all the processes for our particular roles had to be created from scratch, by ourselves. Of course, this also led to big achievements, since all three of us were struggling with similar situations we were able to help each other out and share some experiences to ease the pain.

The lack of organization – or at least formal organization – was another pain point. We felt that we were ready to take some matters into our own hands and adventured out of our comfort zones to be more involved in the strategy and organization of processes.

Slowly but steady we all adapted to this new configuration – with new roles, new faces, new personalities -, and we’re now ready to go full steam ahead!

This is probably the more diverse team I’ve been in, in terms of personalities, points of view and work methods. But it has also been a heck of a ride! To be a part of Attentive is to question everything, knowing that whatever the road you choose, the team has your back. It’s being a part of constant brainstorming sessions because people genuinely want your input. It’s to know you’re helping to build the foundations of a company that will grow beyond our wildest dreams, and fighting to preserve this identity that makes Attentive so unique.