As a multidisciplinary team – and that includes a large dose of personality and quirkiness -, we all need a little help to boost our productivity every now and then. From developers, strategists, salespeople, writers, and designers, here’s a list of the top 7 tools we’re loving right now.

  • Microsoft To Do

This tool has been a recent discovery but it is already proving itself extremely useful. To Do is – you got it! – a to-do list app, where you can get yourself organized for the day. The cool thing is you can analyze what you didn’t finish the days before and add it to your list. It even has some suggestions of what you should add, based on your tasks and what you’ve accomplished so far.

  • Forest

This is the gamification of a focusing app. Forest turns your focus into trees: for each half an hour you stay focused – meaning no touching your phone!! – a new tree is planted in your virtual forest. If you don’t succeed… well, you just killed a tree. And it stays there… dead. It’s a great app for all the smartphone-addicted (guilty!!) people out there, and it can be used not only at work but out with friends or at home as well.

  • Google Keep

At some point, we just needed to keep our ideas and random notes close to our hearts (aka smartphones) and at our fingertips. Google Keep lets us register our thoughts quickly and never miss a cool idea or to tell our colleague what the CTO asked us to (didn’t write it down so now I can’t remember… see why we use it?).

  • Slack

Slack is the first app we open in the morning and the last one we close at night – just kidding, we don’t ever close it… We use it to communicate throughout the entire company, as well as to update our CRM (check the Bonus App at the end of this post!). It’s the perfect tool to chat, send files, and share links and cool stuff we find.

  • Google Drive

This is probably one of the tools we use the most. Google Drive is great for teams that want a flexible, collaborative work environment since it allows everyone to access and edit files from anywhere in the world, straight from their smartphone. It makes super easy for us to write and review documents, share images and design proposals, and keep everyone on the same page.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is a must have for everyone in our team. The Chrome Extension is a true life-saver, especially because our communication is all in English, which is not our native language. Everyone makes mistakes but with Grammarly, we can correct them easily (at least the ones related to grammar!). Not only it shows you when there’s a mistake on your spelling and punctuation, but it also suggests what you should choose to put there instead. Pretty awesome, hein?

  • Pomodoro

The Pomodoro Technique has been around since the 1980s and it’s fairly simple: tasks are divided into 25-minute blocks. After each block, you take a 5-minute break, either browsing stuff online or walking around a bit. After four blocks, you take a longer break, from 15 to 30 minutes. These small chunks of time – monitored by the Pomodoro App – allow us to focus on the task we’re doing, knowing that in the end there is a time-off reward. Plus, it’s great to keep track of what you did and how long some tasks usually take!

Bonus: Attentive

Of course, we had to include Attentive. It allows us to keep our Sales Pipeline updated, without even having to open the CRM. The entire team knows where we’re at in terms of deals and sales, plus each team member can create their own deals, tasks, and reminders. Attentive ensures CRM data quality, turning our workflow into the team’s personal to-do list.