About us

Technology should empower
people and make them
greater than they already are.



What we are building

We started Attentive in 2015 with a question: how will people consume information in 10 years? How can information make them more productive? Despite the broad start, we realized that focusing on solving one segment first will allow us to test our vision before we expand.

With our previous experience in Sales,  we quickly realized that sales teams data is limited, inaccurate and incomplete. This would be a perfect start to starting deploying our vision. In 2017 we joined Techstars in Boulder, with a global approach in mind. Soon after having our vision validated, we realized that the only way we could build Attentive was with a different kind of company altogether.

That company is our second product, right after our Augmented Sales tool: A group of ambitious people, with one vision, focused on personal growth to achieve something bigger than ourselves.

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