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The Problem

When it’s time to sell, doesn’t matter the size of your company, information flies in your way and somehow you need to keep up with all your leads and organize your team to get the best outcome possible.

For this, we rely on CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) to help. However, CRMs were designed as a data input systems that work if you have a structured and enforced sales process that everyone needs to adhere to. If this is not the case, the information that the CRM outputs is unreliable at best.Even if you have a small team and a few deals running, at some point you will need a global view of what is going on with your sales, and in which direction to move.

A good example could be a startup that has raised a couple of million dollars, have a few thousand in MRR, and is ready to start scaling their sales operations.

The first thing they do is trying to get a CRM that fit their needs, think about a sales process and start adding deals. Then someone joins the team and isn’t aware of how to use it properly.

Two months later they have an influx of strong leads, and they stop updating the CRM as it’s getting in the way of locking in additional dollars.

They start the process again, potentially with a new CRM, just to face the same issues: too much data entry, the sales process is never enforced: the data becomes unreliable, so nobody pays attention to the numbers anymore.

The need for a smarter way to organize, manage and maximize the value of your sales is the foundation behind Attentive, the augmented version of any CRM that solves these issues, and unlocks many more possibilities – we’re starting with augmenting Hubspot CRM and we are up and running!

What is Attentive?

Attentive is a SaaS company focused on empowering sales teams with a scalable sales process.

All your relevant sales KPIs easy to access and understand, while our artificial intelligence software sends you proactive tips on how to improve your sales, making sure no deal falls through the cracks.

It’s like having a personal sales assistant that helps you during the entire sales process, giving you the opportunity to care only about building the right relationships and adding value to your potential customers.

As the engine behind the sales data, we will have the most important asset that is now locked inside a CRM. This allows us to have a pivotal place in the sales and marketing stack.

How does it work?

Connect your sales team Hubspot CRM account to Attentive, that instantly will help you organize every aspect of your sales, ending up with a sales process that everyone can easily follow.

To keep it that way, everyday sales reps get a list of tasks to complete that will put everyone on the same page, spending only a minute per day.

Having a sales process implemented and getting everyone to update their part very easily, unlocks the ability to predict much more accurately how are your sales looking this month, what is the actual speed of the sales organization and also suggest what variable the team should work on that would have a bigger impact on their revenue.

It allows your sales team to know exactly where their money, deals, and other sales efforts are every time. When updated, the analysis of this data input will make significant improvements in the productivity of your sales team.We will make your CRM work for you, and not against you. Our mission is very clear, reduce your workload while increasing your data integrity, letting you focus on your customer relationships and keep your sales team running in perfection.

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