This or That?

Beer or Wine

Snake or Tetris

Nokia or Blackberry

Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network

Zumba or Yoga

Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad

Book or Kindle

Teleportation or Mind Reading

Furby or Tamagochi

Star Wars or Star Trek

Backstreet Boys or Nsync

Burgers or Pizza

What’s your super hero?

Should I pick one? Batman.


I like super heroes that are realistic, or believable, in a sense. I think Batman has a lot of flaws and there was no thunder that hit him and gave him powers – which, by the way, is I think makes a very boring type of super hero. There’s an explanation of why he has super powers and why he wants to fight evil, even though he has flaws. That’s why I like him. Plus he’s dark. I think that makes him even more interesting.

What’s your villain?

Well, I feel like I should (and want) to stick with the Batman area, so… Joker. Although he is the easy answer, I like him because he’s unpredictable. That’s a good villain – the majority of the villains are predictable: they’re just bad and want to conquer the world. That’s not what joker does, he doesn’t want to conquer the world, and he’s not predictable at all.

Do you feel that a super hero needs a villain to fulfill his mission?

That’s a great question. Yes. It could be his own villains, inside him, but he has to conquer something.

Joker is almost an extension of Batman and his fears…

That’s it. That’s what makes that relationship so interesting, because you never know if he’s fighting a crazy human or his own fears that he has to conquer. A villain doesn’t have to be personified, but has to represent something.

What would you take to a desert island? Pick 3.

Hm. I’m not gonna take any survival things because that would be too obvious and boring. I have a book already, that one’s easy – it would be Fernando Pessoa’s Livro do Desassossego, because it never ends and it never starts. So it’s a book that you never finish, whereas if you take any novel, it has a start and an end. I think that if you have to pick one it would have a good silver lining for every situation and that’s great.

Then it has to be utilities, something like a source of music. A phone with a lot of music would be great – a glorified MP3 player – and also a notebook.

Pick your favorite accomplice – fictional or real.

That’s a tough one! Several… Too many too cliche.

The best accomplice is the one that helps you not be blindsided. We’re all running around, everyday, doing stuff, but we’re all blindsided, that’s just part of human nature. A good accomplice makes sure that you see all the options in front of you. I think that we, as a team, all do that very well with each other. The entire team, as a whole but also as individuals, I think we’re all good accomplices for each other.