You did it. You took the time, you’ve read hundreds of articles, you’ve gone to the fortune teller. You’ve studied your sales team and tried to accommodate all their requests. You’ve created THE Sales Process.

And now no one’s using it.

Fear not, that might have a simpler explanation than you think. Most likely, the problem is not even you – or your awesome process! – it’s how people are (or how they are not) using it!

Usually, the pain points of the process are detected when people start using it as a daily routine. If a part of the process is too complicated, time-consuming, or apparently useless for the user, workarounds start arising. People stop entering data onto your CRM each time they have an interaction with a prospect/client, because it takes too much time and they’re not even sure if the deal will be successful. In their minds, sales reps are wasting time entering data when they could be talking to prospects/customers!

Attentive can help you with that.

Attentive is your AI-powered accomplice to make your sales team’s life easier. It’s not about forcing your team to enter data, it’s about making it so simple that they keep all their records up-to-date without even noticing.

Creating a deal with Attentive is as easy as sending a slack message or clicking a button on the App and entering the deal name.

CUE PANIC SOUNDTRACK “You’re talking about data gaps and now you tell me anyone can create deals with just a name? Are you all mad at Attentive?”

Yes, we kind of are all mad around here, although our madness does not influence how much we respect your business. We take your issues very seriously.

We want to make everyone’s life easier, so we’ve come up with a compromise: we let sales reps enter only the information that is absolutely necessary on that stage, but, in return, they need to answer a few questions every day to make sure all data is entered. This is the deal we offer.

Here’s how it works:

Someone in your team talks to a prospect and creates a deal. Instead of having to open the CRM and fill in all the mandatory fields, just type create deal (name) on Slack and they’re good to go!

Throughout the following days, and as the deal advances, they’ll receive notifications (on Slack and email) that some actions need attention. Your team simply needs to answer some questions – they don’t even need to open the CRM – and Attentive takes care of the rest for you.

Attentive fills in all the blanks and asks for the information needed so that your pipeline is always up-to-date.

Every week, you get a report on how your team is doing – if they are clearing their actions or not – so you have an overview of how much information may be missing.

Aaaaand there’s more

Attentive sends each team member notifications on what they should do next. Useful hints such as “hey, this deal hasn’t been updated in a while” or “if you close deal X you’ll meet your monthly goals!” can be a game changer for your team’s performance and efficiency.

You can access your team’s metrics via the Attentive App, wherever you are. The dashboard gives you an immediate overview of how your deals are doing, the amount of the deals you can expect to close soon and your Sales Velocity so that you can apply all the information you get directly to the growth of your business and the empowerment of your sales team.

If you want to know more, check out our eBook – Improve Your Data, Close More Deals – or Request a Demo now!