Data is crucial for everyone working on… well, any area, really, nowadays. However, this is especially true if you work on sales. Having access, not only to data but to the right data, can make or break a deal.

A lot of sales ops and managers complain about how poor the reports generated by CRMs are. The question is: where’s the problem? Are the reporting tools of CRM just insufficient to meet their demands or is there more to it?

More often than not, the issue is not the tool – it’s data. More specifically, dirty data. Dirty data is information that is inaccurate, fraudulent, invalid, duplicate, untimely or incomplete. And all that information leads to inaccurate reports. So, what if the problem is not on your CRM, but in the way your team is using it?

We’ve already talked about Data Gaps – here – and that may be part of the problem. But we go a bit further when talking about Dirty Data. The truth is: life in the sales world is hectic. And not only your team is struggling to find the time to fill in information on the CRM (most of the times it’s not a straightforward process), but they do it in such a hurry it’s completely normal that errors occur (such as a misspelling or filling in information on the wrong field). What your CRM needs is a mechanism to help correct those mistakes and prevent dirty data from happening again.

At Attentive, we’ve been working hard to overcome those barriers. That’s why we’ve developed a three-stage approach: organize, plan and monitor.

Organize Your Process

First things first, you need to get a sense of how your process is doing. Are people following it? Which areas need to be improved? Is your team taking full advantage of the tools they have?

Attentive helps you enforce your workflow throughout the entire process, using the CRM you already have.  An initial Data Audit uncovers all the issues your pipeline may have. Outdated deals, missing information, duplicated data, and even improvements that can be implemented, we put your process under the microscope to ensure we find everything that can be fixed.

Plan Your Work

Managing prospects, deals, appointments and, on top of that, keeping your CRM updated may feel overwhelming at times, not only for you but for your entire team as well. Attentive makes their life easier: there’s no need to open the CRM. They just need to complete a few daily tasks et voilá, your pipeline is updated. Plus, Attentive reminds them when a deal hasn’t been updated in a while, or if there’s information missing.

Check Your Progress

Your process is organized, everyone on your team knows what to do… it’s time to check your team’s progress and results! As important as having a workflow – and people following it – is to make sure it works. With an always up-to-date dashboard, you can quickly detect any issues – and correct them -, keeping your pipeline accurate.

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