When you work in Sales, everything you do should lead to closing deals, to winning deals. The role of a CRM is to keep a record of those deals, but how accurate are they?

It all comes down to how well your team is using your CRM. There are thousands of options and you probably analyzed a few of them thoroughly before committing to your CRM. You’ve listed all the features and decided which ones your business couldn’t live without. Maybe you’ve even paid for a few extra modules that seemed spot on for your sales process. That’s a process we’ve all been through, either with CRM or any other tool for teams to use.

Every tool that helps you organize work, and specifically your deals and all the information you have on them, is worth the time and/or money you spend on it (at least from a learning point of view).

The big question is: are you using your CRM to its full potential? (Bonus: are you managing your deals efficiently?)

How complicated is it for your sales reps to create a deal? If the process is too time-consuming, most of the deals will only be created when they’re in an advanced stage, since sales reps won’t want to “waste time” entering data for a deal that may not fall through. That means your pipeline will not be up-to-date, and reports will not be accurate.

Attentive makes creating deals as simple as clicking a button on the App and entering a name. Or writing a command on Slack. The rest of the information will be asked via daily actions, so every bit of information will be entered – just not all at once. By simplifying this process, it only takes a few seconds for your team to create deals, so… No more excuses!

Another important characteristic of deals is stages – milestones that let you know a deal is moving forward.

They’re the first thing you should tackle and Attentive allows you to customize your deal stages to reflect your sales process. Stages should be verbs in the past tense, for example “Demo Booked” or  “Contract Sent”. This avoids confusion and assumptions – a deal only advances if something has indeed happened. This way it’s easier for the entire team to know where a deal stands and how near it is to closing.

But deals can’t move forward on your pipeline if sales reps don’t update information.

By alerting your team members every day of missing information on deals, it is easy to keep your pipeline up-to-date.

One of the default actions Attentive uses is the Likelihood of Closing. If your team gives a good estimate on how likely a deal is to be closed, Attentive can help them by sending some insights and suggestions on where to focus their attention – or giving an extra push to meet the monthly goal for example.

As a manager, Attentive allows you to see who has pending actions and who have closed the most over the current or last month. The Dashboard gives you quick and visual insights on your deals, such as average amount won and win-loss ratio.

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