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Sales has become a data-driven discipline, and its importance in the growth of your business should not be ignored.

Doesn’t matter the size of your company, when it’s time to sell, information flies in your way and somehow you need to keep up with all your leads and organize your team to get the best outcome possible.

Maybe it’s easy when you have a small team and a few deals running, but still, at some point you will need a global view of what is going on with your sales, and in which direction to move.

Organizing your team more efficiently is part of scaling, and you will need a clear sales process to make sure that everyone is taking the right steps to close deals. But to run those deals you should understand the importance of having a sales pipeline, and how the software available today can help.


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“It’s not a matter of whether you’ll get improvements. It’s just a matter of how much

Mark McInnes, LinkedIn Recognition as Australia’s No. 1 social seller and Execution coaching partner at Sydney-based Sales ITV, about the use of sales pipeline.

Using a sales pipeline, you will have a systematic approach for selling a product or a service. It allows your sales team to know exactly where their money, deals, and other sales efforts are every time. When updated, the analysis of this data input can make significant improvements on the productivity of your sales team.

There are a significant number of SaaS solutions when the matter is to manage your pipeline. Software like Hubspot CRM, allows you to create and manage your sales pipeline for free, so there are no excuses to have an unorganized sales team and deals lost because of misinformation.

But you still need to understand all that data to have a clear vision of your productivity during the whole process, to know how to improve it. Only looking to the end of your pipeline will not give you the accurate information about how well your sales team performed or which leads were lost.


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State of Sales Productivity 2016,


At Attentive we understand that as a problem, and we are trying to fix it by making your sales pipeline smarter.

With only 1 minute a day, Attentive will help you have a scalable sales process, showing relevant KPI’s to make sure no deal falls through the cracks, keeping your deals organized, and reminding you every time you need.

This way, we can have a predictable revenue pipeline that is always updated with no effort, keeping your sales team running in perfection.


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