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Sales teams only spend a third of their team actually selling. Imagine having three reps, and one of them is sitting idle, all day, whilst still getting a full salary. Sales productivity is referred as the top revenue driver for 79% of teams.


Time spent

State of Sales Productivity 2016, docurated.com.


Until today, sales teams have to do a lot of manual data entry. The most expensive person in many organizations is using their time doing menial tasks that should be automated.

Why is so much money being left on the table? Why hasn’t it been done yet?

“CRMs make me work for them, but I’m paying. They should work for me.”

– early Attentive beta tester

CRMs were designed as a data input systems that work if you have a structured and enforced sales process that everyone needs to adhere to. If any of these two variables miss, the information that the CRM outputs is unreliable at best.

Nowadays, big companies have teams just to do the above: a) making sure everyone is doing their share of data entry and that the sales process is being followed.

What about other teams?

Think of a startup that has raised a couple of million dollars, have a few thousands in MRR, and is ready to start scaling their sales operations. The first thing they do is trying to get a CRM that fit their needs, think of a sales process and start adding deals. Then someone joins the team, and isn’t aware of how to use it properly. Two months later they have an influx of strong leads, and they stop updating the CRM as it’s getting in the way of locking in additional dollars.

They start the process again, potentially with a new CRM, just to face the same issues: too much data entry, the sales process is never enforced: the data becomes unreliable, so nobody pays attention to the numbers anymore.

Attentive is the augmented version of any CRM that solves these issues, and unlocks many more possibilities – we’re starting with augmenting Hubspot CRM.

How does it work?

Teams connect their Hubspot account to Attentive, and instantly teams have a sales process that everyone can follow, as they get a list of tasks to do everyday that will put everyone on the same page in under a minute per day.

Having a sales process implemented and getting everyone to update their part very easily unlocks the ability to predict much more accurately how are your sales looking this month, what is the actual speed of the sales organization and also suggest what variable the team should work on that would have a bigger impact on their revenue.

Additionally, if Attentive tells you that the most important thing to focus on is increasing your conversion rate we can suggest best practices on how to do so, and even suggest third party software that can help with that (e.g. prospecting tools to increase the number of deals).

The long-term vision

With Attentive, the only thing that sales teams will care about is building the right relationships and adding value to their potential customers.

As the engine behind the sales data, we will have the most important asset that is now locked inside a CRM. This allow us to have a pivotal place in the sales and marketing stack.

Sales will not be automated, it will be augmented.

What is out there at the moment

There is a lot of sales software nowadays. Besides CRMs, there is prospecting software, digital signatures, document management, calendar management, video conferencing, sales intelligence, among many others.

Despite the importance of all the above, they can be easily replaced if needed, but not the CRM, as it contains the sales and contacts information. Attentive will tap into that and be an intelligent distributor of that information across all platforms.

How to get started

So whether you don’t know how to start your own sales pipeline or want help making sure it’s bullet-proof with little effort, we’re here to help.


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