According to Merriam-Webster:


1 : not using due diligence, care, or dispatch : negligent
2 a : characterized by slowness, sluggishness, or lack of energy
b : moderate in some quality; especially : moderately warm
c : blowing or flowing at low speed
3 a : not tight or taut
b : lacking in usual or normal firmness and steadiness : weak
4 : wanting in activity : dull
5 : lacking in completeness, finish, or perfection

The truth is: Slack – yes, the most famous # – is a tool most companies can’t live without these days. It became THE communication tool for thousands of businesses and we, at Attentive, contribute to those numbers.

Besides being an awesome communication tool, enabling your teams to have channels for all the different topics they can come up with, it also allows searching (and we know how desperate one can be when searching for a topic mentioned a “few months ago”) and file management.

However, it’s the integration ability that makes this tool unique and so desirable.

In their Slack App Directory, there are over 1500 apps you can integrate into Slack. This means notifications from several different platforms and tools your team is using can be redirected to Slack – less fuss, no need to jump from one tool to the other to know what’s happening.

At Attentive, we took this integration one step further, when it comes to Slack + CRMs.

Attentive Bot is your accomplice when it comes to keeping your pipeline up-to-date. Without leaving Slack, you can enter missing information, check on your deals and schedule tasks – freeing you to do much more interesting sales stuff.

So, you have the best of both worlds: receiving notifications of your deals and updating them on Slack. No need to even open your CRM.

If Slack is already part of your team’s routine, they probably open it as soon as they get to their computers (if it’s not on their smartphones). What Attentive Bot does every day is sending them a reminder of information that is missing on their deals (such as amounts, for example) or a deal that hasn’t been updated for a while. All they have to do is answer a few questions directly on Attentive Bot’s chat window and they’re good to go.

Your sales team gets their actions out of the way quickly, your pipeline gets updated without even opening a browser/app/tool… you get the picture.

Focus on what matters

When it comes to productivity – and focus – the amount of apps available is larger than what we could possibly test. However, as team leaders or managers, we are always looking for the most effective way to do things – and that usually involves some kind of software.

There are solutions for every problem (yay, Internet!) but it can quickly become an overwhelming quest.

Ok, for “research purposes” I just googled Productivity Apps and I can’t stop adding extensions to chrome and trying free apps. Brb.

The point is: it’s so easy to become a hoarder of apps it’s not even funny. And at some point, productivity is no longer a word for it. Time to start removing unnecessary clutter.

This combination of Slack + Attentive + CRM (such as Hubspot or Salesforce) is a great way to ensure you and your team get the most out of your CRM, with minimum effort. Even though you’re still using a great CRM platform, your team doesn’t have to learn how it works or to go through long workflows to achieve a simple goal (such as updating a deal). They just use Attentive App or Attentive via Slack, and with a few clicks, their work is done!

Sit back and relax: we’ve got you

It’s not easy to create a sales process, but it’s even harder to make sure everyone follows it. Attentive adjusts to your process, removing issues that prevent people from following it.

This Slack integration makes life easier for everyone – meaning it will easily be adopted by your team. In turn, you’ll get more (and better) data, which will give you an accurate overview of your business.

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