Ah… Workplace Culture. That buzzword all trendy startups and HR managers are sprinkling around like confetti.

But what is it and why is it so important?

It’s your company’s personality, conveying all you believe in, your values, how you want your employees to behave, and what you want in the future. Everything you do, from leadership styles to the environment you create around the office, the policies you enforce and the freedom you give to your team, impacts the workplace culture.

In turn, the workplace culture also has an impact on everything and everyone in your company.

A good workplace culture can (and will) have a positive impact on several areas of your business.

Happiness at work

People Want to Stay

When you invite someone to join the team, you invest in them. Onboarding, training, and even relationships, everything takes time and effort. Plus, if you’re bringing someone to your home, it’s because you saw talent and skills that match your needs.

If people are happy, they not only want to stay but also want to improve, to become better at what they do and to help your company grow with their talent.

Increased Productivity

A motivated team can achieve unimaginable things. Happy workers tend to form high-performing teams, that contribute to the company growth. Keeping the motivation high is a tough job, but highly rewarding.

The cost of a single unmotivated employee may largely exceed the investment to motivate the entire team. Plus, negativity is toxic – better prevent it from the start!

Healthy Development

A healthy workplace culture is also great to nurture personal growth. Highly-motivated people tend to invest in themselves and to improve their skills, becoming even more valuable assets for your company.

When people start investing in their development, it’s more likely they bring new perspectives and ideas to their everyday tasks, increasing productivity and efficiency as well!

Career Paths

To create a great workplace culture, career paths is another subject you should tackle. It’s not always about the money (although sometimes it is), but people tend to appreciate having a clear picture of what they can accomplish next, what should they aim for, their next goal.

The paths don’t have to be linear – as a matter of fact, the possibility to change careers inside your company may even be an attractive possibility to many people. It’s about having a plan!

Life-work balance

If you want people to thrive, there must be a balance in their lives. Don’t expect someone to excel in their job if they’re going through a tough time at home.

A workplace culture that enables and encourages this balance, with a lot of flexibility from both ends, creates grateful and committed employees.

At Attentive we believe our focus on Culture is essential to our growth. Every time we open a new job offer, we look for a Culture Add, someone who will bring something extra to what we already have, not just someone who will blend in.

We truly believe in building a family – with all the good, the bad and the ugly it implies.