A sales process is “a set of steps/actions that your sales team performs to close deals”. That being said, if your team is selling, each team member is probably following a sales process (at least their own).

There are several kinds of Sales Processes – formal, agile, informal, etc. – each with its own advantages. At the end of the day, it’s about what best serves your team AND your goal of closing more deals efficiently.

Tip: If you’re just starting, check our article on Minimum Viable Sales Process.

The kind of sales process you’re implementing will depend on a number of factors, even on yourself as manager and the company culture.

  • A more formal approach consists of a very well defined process that everyone on your sales team must follow. The process is enforced on your team and there’s not much room for small changes. However, it ensures everyone is on the same page and knows what to do next, with very well defined goals and milestones.
  • The agile approach is more dynamic. Even though there is a process with goals and milestones clearly defined, it is open to change. The process is in constant adaptation to the team and clients, to best serve their interests and needs. This approach requires a much more flexible mindset from everyone involved, as well as space for everyone to pitch in with suggestions.
  • The informal approach lets people do whatever they feel like works for them, as long as they meet the goal. This approach gives the sales manager less control and it is harder to know the overall status of the entire team.

Both the formal and agile approaches are widely spread and end up having similar results – as we’ve said, it depends on the kind of team you have.

These approaches are based on the posture – let’s call it that way – you want to assume in terms of the process.

Our eBook – Build Your Sales Process – can help you set up the process itself, namely in the following areas:

  • Pick a CRM that’s good for you
  • Use a kanban board
  • Define your deal stages
  • Get things done
  • Ensure everyone follows the process
  • Check your progress

No matter the approach you prefer, what steps are included in your road to closing… Yes, you need a sales process.

Key benefits:

  • A clear path for everyone to follow.
  • It’s easier for new people to understand how your team works.
  • More control and better reporting, not only when deals are closed but throughout the entire process.
  • Less confusion on what people must do next – clear deal stages are crucial to moving deals forward.

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